What Is The Golden Rule Of SEO

Penguin. Panda. hummingbird Google algorithm updates in recent years have turned the world upside down for many SEOs and website owners. Everyone is always talking about Google being a moving target. If you’re really trying to beat or outsmart the algorithm, then yes, it’s a moving target, sometimes very hard to track. Ultimately, you shouldn’t try to “beat” the algorithm (whatever that means) because you never will.

In light of today’s revelation from Matt Cutts about the decline and fall of guest blogging, it looks like the moving target will keep moving, and a tool that many SEOs have had handy in their arsenal could be lost. .

Blog Comments

  • Spammers have abused this feature on blogs over the years, but software is getting smarter at weeding out spam, and it can quarantine and release comments manually. high value feedback.
  • Find blogs relevant to your website, product or service and make sure they allow you to enter your name and URL when posting a comment.
  • Please read the article and post a helpful and informative comment (you have to give to get).
  • Comments they deem spam are removed by webmasters, and it’s important that you add value with your comment and don’t try to sell yourself.
  • Post comments on blogs without worrying about the follow tag or sponsor.

In addition to the two methods described above, you can create new links to your website using bookmarks on social sites, forum profiles and posts, submitting your website URL to link directories, and uploading videos. to popular video sites.

How can you apply the golden rule of SEO to your own website?

When designing or planning your site, writing a new page or blog post, ask yourself: what are people asking? What do you need?

If you find the answer to these questions, you could kill two birds with one stone: you could offer interesting content on your home page and sooner or later you will be included in the search engine results. This way you will get visitors without any additional marketing cost.

Increase search engine ranking and traffic

Although there are many phrases that people still don’t search for, your chances of receiving organic search traffic increase exponentially, depending on the quality of your copy. . For the interactive marketing company, it may seem difficult to convince some companies to seriously consider text changes or additions to their site. Perhaps we as an industry need to do a better job of communicating the need, because quality content is absolutely essential to achieving top rankings for competitive phrases.

Images and graphics do not match words unless you have added the appropriate HTML tags. Even then, the tags don’t replace the actual text in the body of your site.

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