What Are The Two Techniques Of SEO


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The four (different types of SEO

Having clarified the approaches to search engine optimization, we can now move on to the review of the different types

As the name suggests, on-page SEO, also called on-site SEO, is SEO activity that takes place directly on the page or site, such as meta descriptions, keywords, meta titles , images, headings. , etc.

The middle ground: Gray Hat SEO

Admittedly, the title of this section is a bit misleading.

Not quite wrong to think of Gray Hat SEO However, as a middle ground between black hat and white hat, it is more accurate to think of it as a general term for practices that are neither black hat nor white hat.The initiations may look more or less the same, but there is a difference.

(t ixag_3) B) Test your meta titles to optimize CTR

Title tags are one of the most important tags on the site to optimize a page. Meta descriptions? Not that much. However, just because Google doesn’t look at a meta description to rank a page doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter.

A great meta description can give you a CTR boost, which can lead to higher rankings. Several years ago, Rand Fishkin described how Google might approach this during an episode of Whiteboard Friday: “If the position four result gets more clicks than the position two result, shouldn’t that be reversed?” Other reputable sources like CXL have also concluded that CTR is a ranking factor.

Link Exchanges

  • Link exchanges can lower your site’s ranking.
  • Link exchange programs are programs where you can exchange links with others.
  • Link exchange programs will help you get lots of links, but they won’t help you improve your page rank.
  • Excessive link sharing will ruin your SEO efforts.
  • Content duplicated or copied from another site also falls under the black hat technique in SEO. Duplicate content is more commonly known as plagiarism
  • Search engines are always attracted to unique content.
  • Will not index repeated content more than once.
  • For a successful SEO marketing campaign, always focus on writing unique and creative content.
  • Duplicate content can also appear on your blog
  • There are many plagiarism checker apps available online that can help you spot duplicate content.
  • Search engines will penalize websites with duplicate content

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