What Are Some Examples Of SEO

You can’t complete your keyword research without analyzing your competitor’s keyword strategy. A simple way to approach this is to simply use the range intelligence of our BiQ.

You just need to insert your competitor’s website URL, and the tool will help you analyze and find all your competitor’s ranking keywords.

Brian Dean increased organic traffic by 52% by changing an article title

Even if you manage to get content on the first page, there’s no guarantee it’ll outperform other competing items for the attention of the investigator. While it’s often thought that getting the top spot is a surefire way to rack up a ton of targeted organic traffic, Brian Dean shows us all that it’s not the only thing that matters. Here are the two test variables you set up:

How much time are people spending on their mobile phones in 2017?, Text Request Kenneth Burke, CMO

SEO key factors: answers to a question, in-depth research, graphics and images, appropriate readability for the target audience

If you’re looking for something like “How much do we use our phones?” the average article comes from a major news source covering a recent study or announcement. Very good content covers a new report and some historical data. They answer the question, but they are not memorable.

Some general SEO best practices for the home page

  • Get the basics to optimize your home page, make sure it loads fast, contains crawlable text outside of images , have semantic markup and page content
  • Use as a launching pad for the rest of your site what it means for SEO page authority to point internal links to your site’s main internal pages
  • essential features of your product and use it as a ranking opportunity for some experimental or long-tail keywords
  • Don’t expect rankings for your most important keywords on the home page, this is not the place For that. We will focus a lot on this aspect below.

The bottom line of this article is this: Brands will optimize their landing pages for certain keywords for two reasons.

Why do search engines consider SEO?

Why do you think a search engine cares if it is used by you or another search engine? And remember, you don’t pay them? It’s true!… but someone else pays for it!

Let’s see the answer to this question; they care because they get their money from advertising (showing ads).

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