Is SEO Worth It For Small Business

When we say “put yourself first in Google”, we’re really talking about two different ways that Google can do this.

These are the ten search results that appear below the top three paid ad results.

Organic results are more respected

Research has shown that organic results are 8.5 times more likely to be clicked on than PPC results.

This is likely because search engine users are gradually learning the difference between organic and paid results, and recognize that organic results are generally more useful to them. Ad placement can also influence why organic results are more likely to be clicked. (Researchers have shown that people hardly notice the ads on the right of a screen, and are therefore more likely to click the ones at the top of the organic results.)

Mobile optimization

happens on mobile phones these days, and Google knows it. If a website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, customers may not return or buy from that site. As a result, SEO bots prefer mobile-optimized websites, and 80% of top-ranked websites are mobile-friendly. Especially with e-commerce and online services, SEO strategies are most effective when combined with mobile websites.

People used to search using specific keywords. However, this has changed over time. Most website visitors today tend to search based on topics or questions. That is why quality content always trumps quantity. Would you go back to a website that specifically answers a question or questions you’ve researched, or a website that has tons of content but no concrete answers?

Attract customers ready to buy

People who find your website through search are already looking for what you offer. SEO allows you to attract more targeted traffic from users who are actively searching for your product or service. When their search intent matches what you have to offer, the magic happens.

Google Ads is great – we love Google Ads! But the moment you stop paying them, the traffic stops too. (Womp womp.) However, SEO doesn’t work that way. If you’re making an initial investment and have to pause things during a slow season, that doesn’t mean your website traffic will die out as well. You will continue to receive search traffic because it is still being worked on.

Myth: Visitors = Profit

The common metric that all SEO agencies impose on all business owners who hire them is website visitors.

They’ll say: “Sure, if the traffic is increasing every month, are we doing a good thing? Surely, if the traffic is increasing, are we doing our job?”

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