How Can I Practice SEO

For most websites, natural search is the most effective free digital marketing channel. With the exception of human resources, platform costs, and other mostly hidden costs needed to plan and implement search engine optimization, it’s free.

As a result, I’m often asked what are the best free ways to learn how to become an SEO expert. Here are my five free tips for learning SEO.

Key points to practice your SEO skills

  • The only way to learn the practical part of SEO is to build your website from scratch and SEO by following all the standard SEO processes like keyword research, on-page SEO, etc.
  • The more sites you build and optimize for SEO, the more valuable experience you’ll gain.
  • You can’t understand SEO and become a good SEO without experimenting with a bunch of different websites.
  • By building your own website and SEO on it, you will not only gain a better understanding of SEO, but also learn other things like content management systems (most likely WordPress), hosting, domain management and more.
  • Having a small portfolio of sites that you’ve built yourself will go a long way toward landing your first SEO job.
  • Whenever you learn something new, be sure to try that new concept on one of your own websites.
  • Don’t experiment with big sites that really get traffic and generate value (especially if you’re a total beginner).

I have many other great resources for learning SEO and how to become an SEO. Be sure to check them all.

Content is King

Once you’ve identified your keywords, now is the time to add that specific content to your website. While you want these keyword phrases and location tags to stand out, they also need to make sense in your copywriting. An unnatural flow will quickly drive someone away: it will be obvious to the reader that you are forcing the keywords on your page.

On the other hand, high-quality content, content that speaks to the patient in simple terms, will help educate the visitor and promote the benefits of your services. Il ne sert à rien de passer du temps et de l’energie à amener votre site à la page 1 des moteurs de recherche uniquement pour perdre le visiteur du site Web sur votre site parce que votre contenu manque ou parce que vos informaciones sont difficiles à find.

Learn SEO from blogs

The easiest way to learn SEO without a website is to use free SEO blogs.

You can read about basic SEO practices and case studies from SEO expert bloggers and share details about how search engine optimization for websites works.

Optimize page speed


A slow site does not inspire fiduciary and the user tends to abandon it by preferring sites with faster and faster speeds. To record the speed of a site, you can use the Google tool that uses Page Speed ​​​​Insights, which allows you to show a panoramic view of the services.

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