Can I Learn SEO Without Coding

The answer to this question is yes and no and may be more “no” in the future. However, as you can probably see, the answer isn’t entirely clear, even with some recent polls released by Google. Read on to find out exactly what’s going on and what to make of this latest press release.

In their latest newsletter, Google said that in the future, they may see a world where links become less and less important to your domain authority. There was also an indication that link importance is not weighted as much as before, in traditional ranking algorithms. However, the newsletter also stated that links will always retain some importance because pages must be found. Does this sound contradictory or a bit confusing? If you’re a regular reader of our blogs and reporting on some of Google’s earlier announcements, you’ll probably find this level of blurring to be what you can expect.

Code you can find

As mentioned above, you can find HTML and CSS code, so here’s what to expect.

Above is the code for a basic text link. It ends up looking like this.

Which grade is best for SEO?

Although I believe a college degree is not required to do SEO, if I had to choose the best degree for SEO, I would say it is in computer science or information technology.

If you are interested in SEO and wondering what to specialize in, I suggest one of these.

Why learn basic programming for SEO?

While we mentioned these important benefits of learning basic coding for SEO, to highlight them again, the benefits include:

  • Coding is the foundation of any site and plays a central role on how search engines read that site. Learning basic coding will help you become a more analytical and strategic SEO professional. You will better understand how to create relevant sites and content for search engines.
  • Source code is ultimately what browsers read to learn how to display content properly.
  • You will understand what a site needs to be easily crawled and indexed at the HTML level.
  • Learning to code can help you speed up or automate SEO.
  • You can communicate better with people on the technical side and create better support tickets.
  • You may be able to fix the problems yourself, even without calling a developer. You are a more empowered SEO professional. Otherwise, it can take weeks or even months for a developer to resolve SEO issues.
  • Learning to code could be beneficial to your career as you develop in-demand skills.
  • When you learn to code, it can help you catch problems before they happen, and you can approach your work differently than before. It also helps you learn to review and verify your work more effectively.

Fixed mobile layout

Most of the actions you perform above will affect your mobile layout. However, you should use the Google Lighthouse tool to get a deeper analysis of your mobile website.

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