Can I Learn SEO In A Day

When it comes to learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Internet Marketing, or Social Media Marketing, you can read a book and know exactly what you’re doing in days… right. You automatically know what all the social media marketing terms are because you occasionally use Facebook and Twitter. I mean with that kind of first hand personal knowledge you have to be ahead of the game. Here’s the thing about it, anyone can pick a book on SEO for Dummies, but I can also pick a book on parenting for dummies and trust me, that’s not going to prepare me for what’s to come next year, and much less the next 18. Oh, and you use Facebook, so how hard can it be to create a business page and engage people? The quick answer is very difficult.

Google Webmaster Central Blog

This is an official Google blog that shares helpful information on updating, indexing, browsing, and ranking. With this feed, you can know when new features will be revealed. This is a resource not to be missed as Google is the largest and most popular search engine and its official website is the best source for updates.

The Getting Started Guide to Search Engine Optimization describes, step by step, what you need to do to get ahead in Google. The blog also has many other pages that help webmasters; these include Google Web Fundamentals, which offers advice on building a modern website, as well as information on many other topics.

How fast can I learn SEO?

You can learn SEO in as little as 2-4 weeks if you study search engine optimization for several hours a day. The speed at which you can learn the basics of SEO is not related to time, but rather how quickly you understand the concepts that apply to SEO campaigns.

If you want to learn SEO as quickly as possible, you need to commit to studying SEO full time. If you do, you can master the basics of search engine optimization in less than two weeks and start applying that knowledge to your own websites.

How to start learning SEO fast

To start learning SEO fast and get up to speed quickly, the best way to start learning is to start an internship with an expert and sit with them every day working on real sites. Be sure to check the background of the company and the specialist you are going to learn from.

Do you want to learn SEO to build an Internet business that can replace your job?

​​​​​​☝️ Be prepared to spend 3-5 years or more learning and experimenting with SEO before you can quit your job. It is highly unlikely that your first SEO website will be a great SEO success.

Be patient and realistic.

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