Which Is Better MBA Or Digital Marketing

You just graduated and want to pursue higher education for your career. Are you looking for a Richie rich pay future, however you are very confused about what to choose next? In general, 90 percent of the student population thinks that the MBA is the best and most suitable option for higher education. But if you have done any real research, you must have seen numerous articles stating that MBA candidates are getting less hired these days.

According to a study, only 7% of MBA candidates from Indian Business Schools, excluding those from the top 20 Business Schools, get a job immediately after completing their course and get hired in the corporate sector. Rest MBA candidates are struggling to get the job based on their qualifications and earning only 8-10K per month or driving an Uber or Ola cab.
Have you wondered what is the reason behind this? Why has the MBA, which used to be the most demanding and prestigious type of education and the source of employment, lost its luster? Due to economic conditions, not all students can afford to join the top 20 business schools. Students are always in a deep dilemma regarding which course to pursue a better career with Richie’s salary income.
The answer to the post statement is Digital Marketing. Yes, digital marketing can give you all the benefits of a long-term career that a student is looking for without worrying about getting admissions in the best B-class schools. In this post, I will share why digital marketing is the best career choice. for students in the coming years compared to the MBA. Before that, you need to understand what Digital Marketing is.

What is Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing is the new form of marketing that helps businesses to promote and advertise their products or services to target the masses of consumers through digital media like smartphones, laptops, etc. For example, you may have noticed a lot of emails in your inbox about purchases. , SMS on mobile, ads on Youtube while playing videos, display or display ads on Google, etc., these are all due to Digital Marketing.


What is an MBA in Marketing?

An MBA in Marketing is a postgraduate course that focuses on absorbing traditional marketing methods and channels. It is usually a 2-year degree course.

Traditional marketing channels are equally important even today and therefore it is a very competitive field and requires creativity and innovation.

MBA Main Highlights:

An MBA course usually spans 2 years, giving enough opportunity for a student to test their skills in different hands and learn some basic subjects. at the beginning of the course, it helps the student to decide the career path she might choose in the future.

If done at a reputable and well-established B-school, the graduate gains a competitive advantage over other job seekers in the market.

The government’s Digital India initiative

The Indian government has also propagated digitalization for the betterment of society as a whole. The easy ways of transactions, the hassle-free method of buying and selling goods through the digital medium have made it extremely popular.

Driven by the government initiative, consumers as well as business houses have turned to digital methods to carry out the entire marketing process of getting information, buying and selling

Diploma in Digital Marketing/ Certification

The digital marketing certificate is usually aimed at acquiring professional skills. A person who is focused on learning essential skills and knowledge should go for a Digital Marketing Certification or Diploma.

In the Digital Marketing MBA you will learn the basic concepts of business with specific Digital Marketing courses. You will have a general idea of ​​what is the role of digital marketing in business instead of learning professional digital marketing skills.

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