Which Digital Marketing Is Best For Beginners

Uploading a photo of your product with its price is easy, but it is not enough if you are looking to attract new customers.

They need a captivating hook. Creating valuable content is the best way to get your brand out there and connect with people. So remember to be H.A.C:

Content Marketing

Search engines LOVE content. They want content that is compelling, search engine relevant, frequently updated, and packed with richness. Content marketing involves researching keywords, writing articles, improving the description of products and services on your site, and creating educational content that will compel your audience to engage more deeply with your brand.

There are tactics for both onsite and offsite search engine optimization, and good digital marketers will work on both sides of the equation. On-site SEO involves ensuring that your site is built correctly with the right framework that attracts search engines. Off-site SEO refers to any actions you are taking for your brand that happen outside of your main digital properties. This could include encouraging external sites to link to your brand and posting content in different locations on the web that includes navigation paths leading to your website.

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LinkedIn Digital Marketing Course Summary:

Search Engine Optimization

Worried? don’t be The basic premise behind search engine optimization is to help rank your website so that more potential customers can find you and what you have to offer. While the world of SEO can be vast (the Edge Marketing team is experts at that!), making sure your website has the following set up from day one can take you far:

  1. Title of the website (Meta Title)
  2. Description of the website and a description of the page (Meta Description)
  3. Headings, including H1 and H2.
  4. Keywords and text that represent your brand, product or service, the problem you solve for customers.

Understand digital marketing terminology

If you are in the business of digital marketing, then you need to know the terms used for reference and how to use them properly. Effective word usage in SEO is a critical factor in getting your product or business registered in search listings.

If not done correctly, your content will rank lower in search listings and customers will likely not navigate past the first few pages, therefore not reaching your published content, which will make it ineffective. This is an important aspect of digital marketing tips for beginners.

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