What Does A Digital Marketing Do

What exactly does a digital marketer do?

As we mentioned before, it is crucial to understand the role and importance of digital marketing for the success of a business. Once we understand this, we can better understand the importance and role of digital marketers.

A digital marketer is responsible for getting the word out to the marketplace about a brand. They use a wide variety of digital channels to build brand awareness and generate leads. Digital channels include the company’s website and social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among others.


Digital marketers will then design, edit and launch each campaign. These tasks will vary by channel. For a social media manager, running a campaign involves scheduling organic posts and creating ads within a platform’s ad management tool. For a content marketer, execution involves writing or producing content and formatting it for each platform.

Once a campaign has been run, digital marketers will assess its success. One way to do this is with key performance indicators (KPIs), quantifiable measures tied to specific goals. Digital marketers need to choose KPIs that reflect what success looks like.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our example of search engine optimization done right is an e-commerce store that has used product descriptions to its advantage. Luna Sandals is a shoe brand that focuses on minimalist footwear.

Instead of adding a short sentence or two, a simple bulleted list, or manufacturer information to your shoe description, Luna Sandals focuses on relevant, descriptive content.

Implementation of campaign content

In addition to creating content for the campaign, digital marketing managers are also responsible for creating a plan to implement the content on the desired digital platforms. This task can include things like creating Facebook ads, scheduling social media posts, uploading a new podcast episode, or designing email campaigns. For example, a digital marketing manager might use an email marketing platform like MailChimp to create and schedule an email campaign to promote a new product or announce a sale.

Once a campaign is underway, a digital marketing manager and her team analyze the performance of the campaign’s content. Campaign analysis is an essential daily task of a digital marketing manager. Analytics tools like Google Analytics help digital marketing managers monitor, track, and interpret data points like engagement rates, website traffic, and sales. This type of information helps marketers understand what is working and identify opportunities for improvement. It also provides insight into key company performance metrics over time and informs future campaign strategies.

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