What Are The 3 Main Types Of Digital Ads

Search engine marketing is perhaps the most reliable type of digital advertising because it is based on keywords that users are already searching for. The two main subtypes of SEM are pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO). The most popular SEM platforms include Google and Bing. Although search engines can display thousands of results, 90% of users will end their search on the first page. That’s why it’s crucial to use SEM and strategize to make sure your listing appears on the first few pages.

PPC campaigns and ads allow businesses to appear as the first and/or last results on the first page. As seen in the example above, we typed “Lawn facilities near me” and the first three results are marked as “Ad.” The advertiser is only charged when the link is clicked. Ad position and placement depends on the bid that the business or advertiser makes, as well as Google’s quality and relevance score.

Choosing the best digital advertising for your company

Digital advertising is not a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. The types of digital advertising that may work well for one business may not be right for yours. It is also time consuming and challenging to start from scratch. That’s why companies wisely seek out consultants, make strategic digital marketing hires, or use marketing agencies to achieve their marketing goals. When seeking digital marketing support, it’s important to consider all qualifications. Make sure the person or business has all Google certifications: ads, analytics, and e-commerce. Other useful certifications include YouTube and HubSpot certifications, if applicable. Conway Marketing Group has experience in all facets of marketing, including digital advertising expertise (plus certifications!). Contact our team to find out how we can help your business save time and money and execute a digital advertising strategy. Learn more about Conway Marketing Group’s digital advertising services here.

Concept announcements

Concept announcements are located at the top of the funnel. They are fully produced, carefully crafted and finished products that aspire to match the memorability and impact of the best advertising and have upper-funnel goals like building brand awareness and purchase intent.

The use of these ads continues to grow, fueled by marketers’ needs to create new desire and demand. Digital video ads and IAB rising stars like Full-Page Flex and Billboard are often used for concept ads. So are TV commercials and full page magazines.

Display ads

Display advertising is the most common form of digital advertising. It is made up of images, text, and animation, and is displayed as banners on websites and blogs.

These ads may be personalized based on user’s online activity or not at all and are typically served to increase brand exposure, offer exposure, and other similar reasons.

When to use display advertising

Digital ads are flexible enough to be used in almost any marketing strategy. However, the main reason digital ads are effective is because they are highly visual. So if your product or service is more visual and you want to grab the attention of people who may miss written content, digital ads can help your campaign. You may also want to use digital ads for longer sales cycles or in niche markets.

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a digital advertising tool that allows advertisers to place ads on search engines like Google Ads and pay each time someone clicks on their ad. Although PPC is based on organic ads, search engines like Google or Bing offer tools and incentives to push an ad to the front of the queue. So PPC is essentially a digital marketing channel that drives more traffic and higher conversions from search engines.

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