What Are Examples Of Digital Marketing

Among these examples of digital marketing, Domino’s is a good case to understand how knowing new technologies and acting fast can pay off.

Domino’s Anyware is a tool that focuses not on the product itself, but on how you order it. The software (available on multiple platforms) is voice activated, linked with an AI capable of interpreting and understanding what you want.

Business impact

At this point, the digital marketing agency and SEO services are decisive for the growth of your business and the popularity of your brand. It would help if you had your presence on social networking sites to get noticed, and that will bring a lot of business your way. There are many SEO companies like Reposition that could help you get a target audience on your website.

Depending on your business needs, you can use any of the following digital marketing and SEO service techniques.

Top 12 Digital Marketing Examples You Must Read

There are many examples of digital marketing in today’s digital world. Here is a compilation of the top 11 examples of digital marketing campaigns that we think will inspire you to master your marketing game:

Social media marketing refers to the use of social media platforms to attract an audience. large digital audience. The ultimate goals are to grow your brand by increasing brand awareness and loyalty, increasing sales and revenue, and driving website traffic.


No, that’s not a type! Search engine marketing (SEM) is also a fundamental type of digital marketing. Where SEO increases your organic traffic online, SEM targets specific audiences with paid digital ads.

Your ads appear on search engine results pages when people search for the type of services your business offers. The placement of the ads and the frequency with which they appear depends on the ad and your choice of payment structure for each search engine.


Currently, most companies or brands will have a blog as part of their website. A blog is an opportunity to answer users’ most frequently asked questions about products, services, or the industry in general, as well as rank for similar search queries on search engine results pages (SERPs). Sometimes blogs cover company and industry news, user success stories, or discuss recently released products or features.

Interviews can also be presented, either with satisfied customers, company employees or other related figures. Although the goals of a blog can vary slightly, blogs are generally used to help a site rank on search engine results pages, build brand authority, instill user confidence, and promote services or products.

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