Is Digital Marketing Worth It In 2022

It is not surprising that the last few years have been hard on workers around the world. In the US alone, the “dropout rate” reached a 20-year high and became known as the Great Quit.

Earlier this year, we reported another anomaly dubbed the “Great Shakeup” in which 618,000 marketers left their jobs in 2021. A LinkedIn report predicted this trend would continue well into 2022, with 24% of marketers looking for a new job, and 62% change jobs entirely.

Is digital marketing still worth it in 2022?

There is no doubt that there has been a steady increase in the demand for digital marketers. With more demand comes more workers, which means it’s a pretty competitive field.

The good news is that many potential digital marketers end up giving up too soon due to a lack of instant success. You will be able to reach the top if you stay long enough.

Sources to investigate the importance of digital marketing in your industry sector

Are you investing enough in digital communication? Naturally, digital marketing goals for corporate founders, entrepreneurs, and leaders will be different, as will digital marketing optimization for businesses, but keeping your digital marketing strategy at the forefront of your mindset when planning for growth is the key to success. for everyone’s business. Shapes and sizes.

The Smart Insights RACE framework and growth system involves constantly seeking new opportunities to help make your business more competitive using the latest digital communication techniques and well-established, trusted techniques such as online marketing. search engines, social networks and advertising mail.

Why are digital marketing statistics important?

We know we need to prove the point of our work with digital marketing statistics, but here are some other reasons why making data-informed marketing decisions is so important:

  • Statistics help you prioritize your efforts. If you’re implementing a multi-channel marketing strategy, you’ll want to know how certain platforms will perform compared to others. With statistics to back up your choices, you can learn which channels may require more resources than others.
  • Digital marketing statistics help you stay competitive. With these data points, you can learn what others are doing, which can help you stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Stay on top of trends. The data reveals digital marketing patterns and trends that can help you identify strategies and platforms where it might make sense to be an early adopter.
  • The data can lead to other strategies. When you take advantage of digital marketing statistics, you have complete confidence in what is going to work. That way, you can spend less time sweating your strategy and focus on other tasks, like auditing your website. After all, your digital marketing efforts will be fruitless without a strong website.

There is no ‘preferred role’ in a digital marketing career

Gone are the days when working in an agency equated to being ‘back-end support’. Digital marketing agencies are now as popular as ever, working with some of the best brands in the country.

Also, the possibilities of what role you can take on within a digital marketing agency are endless. And no role is better than the other. Learn about digital marketing jobs for freshmen in 2023 if you want to understand the opportunities.

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