Is Digital Marketing Stressful

Every digital marketer gets a lot of stress. It comes in different forms, triggered by different causes. The end result is that digital marketers find it difficult to formulate successful campaigns, drive traffic, and drive conversion.

How can managers address burnout?

A large number of burnout blogs and stories in the media recommend changes that you as an individual can make to prevent or remedy your own burnout. Common tips include monitoring your exercise and sleep habits, and learning new coping strategies, such as yoga and meditation. While changes to your personal habits and routines can certainly help you be more resilient against burnout, they do nothing to address the actual areas of your job that cause you stress in the first place. Burnout prevention and remediation begins and ends with organizational change.

Assessing the severity and type of burnout experienced by employees is important to justify the need for organizational intervention. The Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) is the leading measure of burnout and is validated by more than 35 years of research. Managers can use the MBI to assess the level of burnout experienced by their department or team.


One thing all digital marketers will agree to highlight is the search engine giant: GOOGLE! As much as we love Google, it is constantly changing, and as digital marketers, we need to stay on top of every change. The only way to deal with that stress is to always stay up to date on what’s happening and stay flexible to follow new trends!

Digital marketers put their heart and soul into running campaigns for their clients, but sometimes, even after spending every penny of their budget, the results can be disappointing. This can stress out the digital marketer and clients will demand proper results soon! It is not to worry! Solve this by setting goals for yourself. Let the objectives guide you when designing a campaign. Get inside the consumer’s head and try to modify a method if you see that it doesn’t work.

How stressful is digital marketing in an agency role?

When you work in a digital marketing agency, you go through several different roles.

First, you have the specialists, typically SEO consultants, paid PPC consultants/social marketers, email marketers, content marketers and copywriters, social media experts, designers, and developers. These guys deliver, they do what they do.

Most common causes of stress for digital marketers

Many authorsSegura (Ward), A. 7 causes of stress for digital marketers, May 22, 2018, Searchenginejournal. com agree that among the most common causes of stress for digital marketers can be found:

  • Low budgets
  • Unrealistic customer goals
  • )

  • Having to wear too many hats
  • Google algorithm updates
  • Lack of strategy, what do I do now?
  • Does not generate results
  • Measuring Metrics
  • Prices
  • Competition

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