Is Digital Marketing Good For Beginners

Trying to design a digital marketing strategy can be challenging. After all, digital marketing incorporates so many different aspects of the online world. However, it’s important to remember that your small business doesn’t need to cover all areas of digital marketing. You are likely to have more success by focusing on a few strategies and seeing how each works for your business.

With this in mind, whether you’re an established business, a small startup, or a digital marketing beginner, you can follow these seven essential digital marketing tips to help you promote your business online.

What are the 4 types of digital marketing?

Purists may argue that there are many more types of digital marketing, but these four key components form the foundation of any modern digital marketing strategy.

Search engines LOVE content. They want content that is compelling, search engine relevant, frequently updated, and packed with richness. Content marketing involves researching keywords, writing articles, improving the description of products and services on your site, and creating educational content that will compel your audience to engage more deeply with your brand.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion of a product, service or brand through online platforms.

There are two main types of online marketing: paid and organic. Paid marketing includes digital advertising such as pay-per-click (PPC) through channels like Google, Facebook, and YouTube.

Criteo: Claims Sues Competitor for Allegedly Running Harmful Click Fraud Scheme

In 2016, Criteo, a display advertising and retargeting network, claimed that competitor Steelhouse (now known as MNTM) ran a click fraud scheme against Criteo in an attempt to damage the company’s reputation and fraudulently take credit for user visits to retailers’ websites.

Criteo filed a lawsuit alleging that due to Steelhouse’s alleged actions (the use of bots and other automated methods to generate false clicks on advertisements for shoe retailer TOMS), Criteo ultimately lost TOMS as a customer . Criteo has accused Steelhouse of carrying out this type of ad fraud in an attempt to prove that Steelhouse provided a more effective service than it did.

Optimize Website for Easy Access on Phones and Tablets

One of the top digital marketing tips for beginners is that your website should be optimized for easy and fast viewing on phones and tablet platforms

Design and accessibility must not be cumbersome and must be focused on the client, allowing them to navigate quickly and effectively. Customers spend 90% of their browsing time on phones. Therefore, keeping your website easily accessible is very important.

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