Is Digital Marketing Easy

People often think of digital marketing as an online job related to writing.

Those new to the industry may want to go into digital marketing for the sole purpose of working online wherever they want to be.

High reach

A simple brand rule: go where your audience is. While you understand the importance of digital marketing, know that the majority of your audience is online. Therefore, marketing on digital platforms will increase your reach.

With digital marketing, the reach is global. So you can get orders for your product or service from all over the world and you don’t need to be limited to one area. And when you go global, you can still segment your audience to select individuals. So it is a win-win.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There are tactics for both onsite and offsite search engine optimization, and good digital marketers will work on both sides of the equation. On-site SEO involves making sure your site is built right with the right framework that will attract search engines. Off-site SEO refers to any actions you are taking for your brand that happen outside of your main digital properties. This could include encouraging external sites to link to your brand and posting content in different locations on the web that includes navigation paths leading to your website.

There are two key forms of social media marketing: paid and organic. While paid social media marketing includes the ads we all know and love, it also includes paid options to drive new fans to your page or brand.

Social Media Manager

Creating and maintaining an effective social media presence is often a key goal of digital marketing. A social media manager, therefore, takes care of a brand’s online presence. They will produce and disseminate targeted content, analyze data, oversee customer service, and work with broader digital marketing teams to deliver high-impact social media campaigns.

All digital marketers today require some working knowledge of data analysis. However, the ubiquity of data in our interconnected world has led to the rise of a relatively new position: the digital marketing analyst. Sometimes working alone, other times as part of a team, the role of a digital marketing analyst is to keep everyone on the ground with data-driven insights. When creative ideas are flying, they will stay focused on the figures. With a highly analytical mindset, digital marketing analysts cut through the fluff, organize, and analyze data to tell broader teams what’s working and what’s not.

The second problem marketing job seekers face is lack of visibility

Your resume (or LinkedIn profile) is how you present yourself to the business world. However, most resumes are written as a love letter to ourselves.

“Here’s why I’m cool!”

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