Who Is The Father Of Advertising?

If you don’t know much about “The Father of Advertising,” spend a few minutes with David Makenzie Ogilvy. The ROI from it will be an insight into some of the most powerful and effective ideas in advertising.

This is a small part of the history of the advertising industry, but we can assure you that David Ogilvy’s insights apply to healthcare advertising and medical marketing today. In a brief but gripping movie clip, the iconic Ogilvy reveals, among other things, his “secret weapon.”

“If it doesn’t sell, it’s not creative.”

This conditional statement strikes at the heart of advertising. To successfully market your product, you need to stand out. This creativity includes extensive testing, refinement, and originality. You can’t just use a similar strategy for similar products, you have to think outside the box. The best way to make your product stand out in a sea of ​​similar offerings is to be creative.

“Unless your campaign has a great idea, it will go by like a ship in the night.”

Whether you’re writing copy, designing a new website, or doing any form of marketing, it’s essential to be completely transparent about your goals. As Ogilvy explains: “Most campaigns are too complicated. They reflect a long list of objectives and try to reconcile the divergent views of too many executives. By trying to cover too many things, they achieve nothing. Their ads look like the minutes of a committee.”

One of the cardinal sins of marketing, and of many other walks of life, is not being interesting. To capture engaged interest, you must be charismatic; there’s just no way around it when you’re trying to sell something. No matter how niche your product or service is, there will always be competition in some form, so it’s important to get ahead of them.

The purpose of a copy is to sell

Ogilvy says that there are three types of copies: a) One that is approved by the client. b) One who becomes famous in the advertising industry. c) One who does not draw attention to himself but sells the product. He advises us to always go for the third, that is, the copy written about the product should not draw attention to itself, but should draw the consumer’s attention to the product so that he feels the need to buy the product. .

This one is self-explanatory, ie, think of the audience as his family members. I should be honest. Good products can be sold with honest advertising. If you lie to your customers, the law will catch you or the customer will not buy from you again.

On creativity and the creative process

“In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative and original thinker unless you can also sell what you create.”

Intelligence does not sell products and services.

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