What Is The Process Of Advertising?

People don’t make purchase decisions just like that. They are spoiled for choice and consider a variety of factors before coming to trust any brand. So consider who you’re talking to, what the gist of the message is, and how to measure the success of your efforts. It is also necessary to develop the creative part: the number of people you are addressing and their location. Also, you want to define the quantitative side: what do these people prefer in terms of content, how do they interact with it, and what are their internet habits/interests?

The narrower your focus, the better advertising results you can achieve. This is the basic rule that you would do well to never lose sight of. At this point, you can also participate in the creation of brand characters. This preparatory step allows you to expand and deepen your target group.

What about ADPPA?

The shortcoming of GDPR is its focus on Europeans. The United States is the largest market for digital advertising, and the legal context here is much more fragmented and confusing.

The American Data Protection and Privacy Act (ADPPA) is designed to govern data privacy in the US and to create a national foundation. In essence, ADPPA is not intended to change the foundation established by the GDPR, but to build on it.

Focused Creative Brief

For the creative process to work, you need a great brief. Sit down with your agency and turn your assignment into a creative brief. Discuss each point. Keep it focused. Think of the summary as creating a strategy box within which the ad should play. The summary should have an objective, a well-defined target market with valuable information about the consumer, a clear and clear answer from the consumer as to whether you want consumers to see, think, feel or do, and a main message that you know will motivate the consumer. target to answer. affirmatively. For added confidence, present your brand positioning in a brand concept that you can test and validate with consumers.

The role of the creative brief is the bridge between your strategic plan and any type of marketing execution. You must have a creative brief for any type of advertising, content marketing, logos, packaging design, website, video or conference. The creative brief distills everything you could possibly say into just those elements that matter. I’ll show you how to write a creative brief that inspires your agency.

3.1. Why are you advertising and what are you advertising?

Why it refers to the objective of the advertising campaign. The goal of an advertising campaign is

  • Inform people about your product
  • Convince them to buy the product
  • Make your product available available to customers

To remember

  • Remind consumers that the product may be needed in the near future
  • Remind them where to buy it
  • Keep it in their minds during off seasons
  • Keep their awareness on top of mind

Advertising media means any object or device that is used to communicate the message, either written or oral, to potential consumers.

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