What Is The Main Element Of Advertising?

A quality Ad is one that generates sales for a business. In the world of consumerism, the success of a brand largely depends on the way it is marketed to its end customers. Well, creating a high impact ad is a challenging task due to the fact that it requires creativity, experience and probably a series of experiments. While it’s no secret that an ad needs to be shown to the right person at the right time, many advertisers fail to create successful data due to a lack of accurate information about their target audience. The success rate of an advertisement also depends on its distribution and time. For example, if a business sells teen clothing, it’s important to post or broadcast it on websites or TV channels that are popular with teens. Also, in terms of timing, it’s important to understand that advertising a heavy winter coat in the height of summer is simply a bad idea. With that in mind, the next point to consider is a call to action. In this article, we’ve explained a few more factors that make an ad successful.

A clearly understood tone

Effective ad copy is presented with a clearly understood tone. That tone is determined by the offer being presented and the audience it is being addressed to. Copy aimed at business professionals would obviously be presented with a commercial tone. Another piece of copy aimed at millennials and how they use their free time would be more lighthearted, maybe even a bit humorous.

In order for customers to act on the compelling offer made to them, a means of response must be offered. Consumers must be directed to a website, phone number, or store location that they can visit to follow their decision. Without a means of feedback, any positive decision immediately becomes irrelevant.

6 Elements of Ad Design

Think of the elements of ad design as the building blocks of any creative. They are the resources through which a designer has to visually convey the brand’s message.

One of the critical best practices for ad design elements is to keep them crisp and clear and ensure they convey the value proposition. Also, the main text should provide essential details and establish an instant connection with the target audience.

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What were they thinking?

Hello everyone, this week I want to share with you an example of advertising gone wrong. This Vivitrol company spent a ton of money advertising their product all over town. They had billboards, they had signs on buses and trains. And at the bus stop they even had signs. Now you imagine sitting at the bus stop, waiting to go to work, and you see this ad. What is Vivitrol? Ask your health care provider. Hmmm okay. Let me do that. Ring, ring. “Dr. Hill’s office. May I help you?”

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