What Is The Importance Of Marketing?

Marketing helps in the transfer, exchange and movement of goods

It helps your target audience to get it know

Share your brand story with potential customers. Make it personal. Let them know who you are, why you started your business in the first place, and what you believe in. Making your business relatable will allow people to emotionally connect with your story.

People want to support the companies they believe in. So be authentic by sharing your personal story that you can creatively relate to. And you’ll soon build a lovely group of loyal and evangelical followers.

4 reasons why marketing is important for society

Marketing is a complete process that includes various departments. It includes all activities from manufacturing the product to selling the product. To carry out all these activities, a group of people is needed. Therefore, marketing helps create jobs. There are so many organizations that exclusively provide marketing services. Those companies just need marketers.

Marketing provides jobs and therefore increases the purchasing power of customers. With the help of more earnings, spending will also increase. As people will be able to spend more, they will tend to buy good quality products. Also through advertisements, people are aware of varieties of products at reasonable prices. So they can select the best one at a reasonable price. This is how marketing helps to increase the standard of living.

Discretionary income increase:

Discretionary income can be defined as the amount of income the client has left after taxes and after having met their basic needs for food, shelter and clothing . It is different from disposable income, which is the amount of income after taxes. It is assumed that as the general level of wages and salaries has increased, the amount of discretionary income has also increased.

There is competition among all sellers for this share of consumer revenue. The natural action of companies is to make aggressive sales to increase the demand for their own products. Those companies that are less efficient in selling are driven out of business.

Impact of the Internet on Marketing

As the world continues to make technological advances, businesses have used it to their advantage. They have used the power of the Internet to promote and advertise their products. The use of the Internet is important to promote the product.

Information about a certain product can now reach many people in different countries through the Internet. Consumers can also learn about a product by browsing the Internet. They can know everything about what a certain product offers.

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