What Is The Difference In Advertising And Marketing?

“Marketing is a “push” tactic. Branding is a “pull” strategy.

“Marketing consists of preparing your product for the market. Advertising is getting the word out about their products in the marketplace.”

What is marketing?

Marketing is the ongoing process of making sure your product or service is effective for your market and potential buyers. Marketing is a complicated process and involves relationship marketing, in which you have to boost your working relationship with customers and clients. You need to focus on keeping your customers loyal to your brand and being able to provide effective after-sales support and support.

One might think that marketing is the broader term between the two, and advertising is a subset of marketing. But before you can consider doing anything, you’ll need to cover a lot of marketing activities, such as branding, market research, positioning, and pricing.

Comparative chart

Comparison basisAdvertisingMarketing SignificanceAdvertising is a part of the market communication process carried out by a company with the aim of seeking the public’s attention towards a particular message. Marketing is the process of understanding market conditions to identify customer needs and create a product that sells itself. Objective Obtain a fast and desired response from the client in terms of an increase in sales. People must have knowledge about the company, its products and services, stores, prices, etc. What is? Advertising encompasses the placement of advertisements on different channels such as television, newspapers, billboards, radio, online advertisements, and social media. Marketing is a process with a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and strong content that describes your business. TermShort TermLong Term ApproachesMarket creation for new and existing products and brand image buildingGet the attention of the general public. FacilitatesGenerating SalesCreating Awareness Hosted byMediaEntrepreneur

The word ‘advertisement’ comes from the Latin term ‘adverto’, which simply means to turn around. It represents the means an organization uses to attract people’s attention to an object or purpose. It is a component of the marketing process.


Any company groups together and introduces products to the market to satisfy the needs of consumers. The company must be aware of the gaps that its products have in the market/industry; You must be able to fill in the gaps and bring novelty to the business by introducing new products or meeting updated consumer demands.

Small businesses need to be very tactical when pricing their products, as their entire business and marketing success ultimately depends on this. A variety of elements affect the price of any service or product, including value, margins, competitor prices, etc.


Promotions refer to the complete set of activities that communicate the product, brand or service to the user. The idea of ​​promotion is to raise awareness, attract and induce people to buy the product, in preference to other competitors. It is one of the four elements of the marketing mix. There are various means of promotion such as advertisements, press releases, and consumer promotions such as discount coupons, free sample distribution, discounts, sales, trial offers, contests, etc.

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