What Is The Best Form Of Advertising?

Television commercials are the most frequent advertising platform in the United States. Despite switching to subscription services like Netflix, fifty-nine percent of American adults still turn to cable streaming channels for their primary TV viewing.

This advertising medium continues to gain audiences around the world, there’s a reason we still love and look forward to Superbowl commercials every year. Concise and memorable commercials leave a lasting impression in the mind of the consumer. A good commercial can result in an emotional response from the viewer, be it shock, laughter or sadness, the emotional factor can help your message stick more effectively.

Animated ads

Animated GIF or flash ads are types of ads that take longer to create than a standard text or image, but are well worth the investment. Animated ads give your customers up to 30 seconds to get your message across. Animation can also help simplify your message, and stories can be told through moving images instead of plain text (which can be a bit boring).

Press Releases

Whenever your business does something newsworthy, it’s easy to send out a press release to your local and regional media outlets. PR is a powerful media tool to help generate publicity. Having free distribution through trusted news channels means more people see it and are likely to get involved. There are several websites you can use for your press releases, such as PRLog and 24/7 Press Release.

Organic Social

Organic Social is simply all the posts you see in your feed from both your friends and businesses you follow. They are the classic social networks.

Whether we’re talking Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or TikTok, each platform allows individuals and businesses alike to create a profile and start posting for free.

Social media advertising

Sponsoring personalities on social media and through web content can be very effective, of course, depending entirely on your demographics. If I had to sell lawn mowers, I’d target a videographer on a social media platform with a large following who review technical tools and articles; At the same time, if you were marketing a women’s makeup line, you’d reach out to a social media personality whose full service is makeup revision. Often times, social media personalities will promote your product or service for a small fee; a fee certainly well spent. No publicity is bad publicity, as the idiom goes.

The most popular methods of advertising a product, as mentioned above, are on social media and physically with flyers and posters. The latter is most often used with local businesses, such as restaurants and bars; however, many multinational corporations use banners, flyers, and posters to successfully advertise their products. By using brochures and posters, you can attract interest in the local area and successfully undermine local competition. Often just by launching an effective flyer distribution campaign, you can become the dominant business in your area.

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