What Are Types Of Promotion?

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Type of interaction: personal vs. non-personal

Promotions involving real people communicating with other people are considered personal promotions. While salespeople are a common and well-understood type of personal promotion, another type of promotion, called controlled word-of-mouth promotion (also known as word-of-mouth marketing), has evolved as a form of personal promotion. Unlike salespeople trying to get an order from customers, controlled word-of-mouth promotion uses real people to help spread the word about a product, but is not designed to get orders directly.

A key advantage of personal promotions is the ability for the sender of the message to adjust the message as they get feedback from the recipients of the message (ie, two-way communication). So if a customer doesn’t understand something in the initial message (for example, they don’t fully understand how the product works), the person delivering the message can adjust the promotion to address the questions or concerns. Many non-personal forms of promotion, such as television and radio ads, are inflexible, at least in the short term, and cannot be easily adjusted to address the questions raised by the audience experiencing the ad.

What is advertising?

Advertising is any paid form of mass communication about a product or brand. An example of advertising might be a commercial on television or radio, or an advertisement in a newspaper.

The main advantage of advertising is that it can reach an extremely large audience, for a relatively low price per viewer. It is very effective in building a strong brand.

Personal Selling:

It is the most important, most effective and most expensive form of promotion. It is the best means of oral or face-to-face or direct communication. Personal presentation has the prospect of making sales. Its effect is to push the product through the distribution channel.

It is a method of impersonal communication as well as an impersonal salesmanship for mass selling and it is a means of mass communication. Advertising is also an important form of promotion and costs less than personal selling.

Public Relations

Maintaining a public image with the help of free media is known as the process of doing promotion with the help of public relations. Press releases are the most common method of announcing news, however, it is not the only way. These help protect, enhance, or even rebuild the reputation of a person, business, or brand.

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