What Are The Objectives Of Advertising?

A very important aspect of Advertising is to differentiate the product or service from those of the competition. A customer can only differentiate between services based on the value that companies provide over that of competitors.

If a competitor only advertises the features, while your company advertises the promises and commitments it will keep, naturally, more customers will “trust” your brand over others. This is why advertising is commonly used to create value and differentiate one brand from another.

Objectives of advertising

Objectives of advertising

  1. Product introduction: Advertising introduces a new product to people in the market. It clearly explains the characteristics and uses of the new product launched by the company.
  2. Creating awareness: advertising is the means through which companies inform the market in general about their products or services. It creates a wide awareness of the company’s products among the public.
  3. Product differentiation: Product differentiation is another important role played by advertising. It helps the company to differentiate its products from other products by properly explaining the product’s features and benefits to customers.
  4. Increase sales: advertising helps to increase the sales volume of commercial organizations. It disseminates product information to a large number of people and persuades them to buy it.
  5. Overcome the competition: advertising helps business organizations face strong competition in the market. It allows you to provide detailed information about the products and differentiates it from the products of other competitors. It is a means through which companies can attract more and more customers.
  6. Improves goodwill: advertising has an effective role in improving the goodwill and reputation of the company in the market. Repeated advertising shows the company’s presence in the marketplace and promotes the company’s quality products. Build a better brand image in the minds of customers.
  7. Educate Customers: Advertising is the means through which companies communicate the details of their products among customers. They inform customers about the uses and usefulness of the products through advertising.

Objectives of advertising

The basic objective of advertising is to sell something: a product, a service or an idea. The advertisement seeks to influence the behavior of potential customers in a way that benefits the advertiser.

Advertising reminder

The purpose of reminder advertising is to remind consumers that they need a product or service, or the features and benefits they will enjoy if they buy it right away.

To better understand the advertising objective examples, you should understand why advertising objectives are set.

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