What Are The Challenges Of Advertising?

Advertising used to be simple; there was a time when putting a sign on the door of the store or distributing flyers throughout the town was enough. This was perfectly fine during the 17th century. Fast forward to the present, the world is now adrift in the sea of ​​commercial disorder. It takes a lot of time, planning, and effort to tackle today’s top advertising issues:

Explain the value of native advertising to brands

We mentioned the topic of justifying ROI to brands that are advertised on publishers’ websites, but this third challenge differs slightly from the previous one. Publishers must learn to be both entrepreneurs and marketers, and sell their services effectively.

Most brands still don’t see the correlation between buying a story on a specific news portal or online magazine and making more money. Statistics show that 1 in 3 Internet users bought a product under the influence of sponsored content, but it is still difficult for publishers to convince their partners that sponsored content doesn’t just influence sales; it influences the entire value of your brand and helps people build trust in your work.

How are you addressing the issue of diversity?

Diversity and inclusion is clearly a broader topic, but it is very relevant to the media and marketing industry, because it has implications for our ability to connect effectively with people and our ability to to attract the best talent. It also has implications for our social responsibility as an industry, so it’s a very high priority for us.

I think we are nowhere in the marketing industry in terms of sustainability. I’m being blunt and provocative, but we have a long, long journey ahead of us. The industry is very focused on the pandemic, and rightly so, but the mother of all battles awaits us. The challenge is to arrive at a model that is compatible with a sustainable future, and we are not even close to that yet.

Keeping up with the latest global changes

Keeping up with global changes is another marketing challenge many companies face. As the world becomes more and more connected, people are influenced by content from all over the planet.

Keeping up with these influences is not easy. If the commitment differs between markets, then you should think about why some countries recognize your brand more easily than others.

Time tracking

Being able to see assigned tasks can be nice, but real knowledge of how many hours a collaborator has is a game changer. Effective time tracking software, done in real time, is a lifesaver for this problem. They allow for effective task assignment and deadline setting, without consuming a lot of time.

Imagine a typical creative, with an 8-hour workday. A project manager, without time tracking and display of assigned tasks, might ask you to complete a task for tomorrow. But the task, unbeknownst to him, exceeds the talent’s work capacity for the day. Thus, opening 2 possible conclusions, the talent has to work overtime, or the task is not finished on time.

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