What Are Examples Of Marketing?

Following extensive market research to appeal to modern shoppers in Amsterdam, H&M launched a localized marketing campaign that spoke to the wishes of its regional consumers.

In addition to stocking more local brands in the store, they have also started to offer new services including clothing repair, alteration, sale and rental. In the video below, they used the spirit of the city and the voices of their target audience to highlight the inspiration for their marketing content.

Kellogg’s: Data-Backed Branding

Kellogg’s might be one of the most iconic cereal brands in the world. In 2019, the company rebranded its entire cereal range for the European market, marking the biggest design change in 113 years.

The new-look cereal boxes are simpler, more consistent, and easier to recognize on the shelf. These weren’t just assumptions made by the design team, but key takeaways from extensive research. Kellogg’s found that 70 percent of customers could more easily locate the new packages, with simpler graphics focused on natural grains that increased purchase intent by 50 percent.

Content marketing as your family would understand it

When people ask you what you do, does your answer get a quizzical look? “So what exactly do you do?” they ask after you explain your work.

My husband was at this camp until he told me about a newsletter that covers trends affecting financial markets. Expect to receive it every day. He explained that the newsletters had nothing to do with the funds the broker was selling, but that the information was solid and valuable, and useful research for his investments.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing/promoting your desired goods/services using digital channels. When a company sends you promotional emails, or when you’ve seen an ad on YouTube or the search results that appear on Google when you search for something, it’s all part of digital marketing efforts.

Digital marketing has changed the way businesses operate, and the benefits of digital marketing are countless.

Build customer loyalty

Direct marketing can build customer loyalty by personalizing messages, which builds trust in your brand.

You can also create a sense of exclusivity by providing customers with discount codes, advance notice of sales or events, or some type of loyalty or membership card that they can use to access a free trial, discount, or another benefit.

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