What Are 4 Types Of Advertising?

Digital advertising increases brand awareness and encourages customers to interact with your brand. It can help bring new customers through the door and re-engage previous customers who are familiar with your business.

Small businesses often use digital advertising to support current promotions and attract new customers. It puts your business on a customer’s radar, especially when you first launch it.

Types of advertising

Everything you need to know about the different types of advertising

While gourmet ads work predominantly on Display, Mobile, Video, and Native, there are many forms of online advertising, from display to video and pay per click. For CPG and food brand advertisers, it can be difficult to choose which advertising method is ideal for your campaign. Also, it is confusing for several food company managers to finalize the advertisement design. Our team helps food brands decide the type of advertising and how it can be fully utilized.

Broadcast Advertising

These types of advertisements are part of mass market media such as radio and television. However, TV ads can be expensive. But if you want to promote your business locally and make your brand known, this ad form can be beneficial. What are the 4 types of advertising that have the most audience reach? If you want an answer to this question, TV and radio ads are quite effective. Broadcast ad costs depend on several factors, including the length of the ad, when it’s played, and frequency. The cost of producing easy-to-understand and engaging ads must also be considered.

Static display ads

It’s an ad on a web page that doesn’t change. It is generally accepted that static display ads are faster and cheaper to design. Most of the static banners we say today consist of a single stationary box with a tagline. Emma Philips recommends “you should always try to use unique images and graphics to help grab the audience’s attention.”

Animated ads don’t reach the CTA as quickly as a static banner does. Therefore, if you have a simple and short message to convey, a static banner may be more suitable for your campaign. However, static is not limited to banner ads. They can take other forms, such as one-way webinars, website pages, eBooks, emails, and landing pages.

B2B – Business to Business

Growth Hacking

It is responsible for generating 10% more leads than traditional marketing techniques.

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