Is Coca Cola B2B Or B2C?

Often when I tell people that I focus primarily on B2B (business to business) marketing, I get a “What does that mean?”, and I’m glad people ask. It may be partly my fault for using marketing industry jargon, but it’s important to differentiate between consumer-directed and business-directed marketing strategies, largely because the bottom line and processes are often very different. However, the rationale for doing what we do is much the same whether we’re selling to consumers or businesses.

If you think of most mass media marketing (TV, radio, newspapers, etc.), you’re probably thinking of B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing; a business that markets a product or service to a consumer. The reason B2C marketers can use platforms like TV and Radio successfully is that their market is usually large enough that they choose the right channel (based on demographics), the right people will see/hear their message and they will buy your product. This is called targeting; the part of marketing where B2C and B2B differ a bit.

Business to Consumer – B2C Marketing

B2C means Business to Consumer. Consumer goods companies like The Coca Cola Company are B2C (well technically Coca-Cola is both B2B and B2C in that they sell to companies (distributors) first, who then sell to the consumer. But when we see Coca-Cola ads , for example, on TV or on social media , you are promoting directly to the end consumer: you and me

Develop a roadmap and plan

Coca-Cola has taken the time to outline how it will create content that will help you achieve your goals.To take advantage of the vast amount of data at its fingertips, the company aspires to establish itself as a leader by sharing insights that invite These ideas will be translated into strategic briefs, which will serve as a launching pad for creative briefs that will guide content development

At the same time, Coca-Cola realizes that it must be creative and adapt In addition to w When working with your agency and in-house talent, you’ll be drawing on what you call “industry collaborators.” While different parties will use different processes to develop content, they will all be guided by the same principles:


Our customers know a superior product when they see it

Many B2B companies work under the assumption that their customers have perfect knowledge. Well, just because you’re highly knowledgeable and objective in your field doesn’t mean your clients are too. Many B2B companies seem to forget that their customers very often, not always but very often, are not as knowledgeable as they are.

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