How Do You Attract Customer?

It’s no secret that great employees make great business. A good employee can help your company get 10 new customers. Conversely, a bad one can drive those 10 customers away, and you’ll need to hire more employees to win back the lost customers.

Also, most business owners or managers will have difficulty achieving certain goals on their own. For that, you will need trained, experienced and skilled professionals. Find the right employees and they will set the stage for your vibrant growth.

Word of mouth always works better

Satisfied customers are your best allies: they will spread the word about how positive their experience with you was. People love to share their experiences with others, and it’s free publicity for you.

And providing a positive experience doesn’t end when the customer makes a purchase. The post-purchase experience is just as important as the pre-purchase experience. There are 2 ways to maintain a positive post-purchase experience:

Start a contest

Everyone loves to win. It’s not always just about the prize you win, it’s the thrill of getting lucky or beating other people.

Call it ‘ego’ or whatever you want, but it always works.

Make It Like Competition

You can use contests and sweepstakes as a promotional tool. They attract customers to your company or product. A contest is slightly different from a sweepstakes in that it requires participants to complete some type of challenge. For example, it could be a trivia question or a demonstration of a talent or skill. Both tools have some strengths as marketing tools.

This works because people love to win. It’s not always just about the prize you win, it’s the thrill of getting lucky or beating other people. To spread the word about the contest, word of mouth and social media could help you. People could talk about the contest and create free attention and buzz for you.

Reward them

Recognizing and rewarding your customers throughout their lifecycle not only shows you appreciate them, but is also key to getting more customer love. Just like relationships, being recognized and feeling appreciated makes it more compelling and fulfilling for them to stay. Implement a series of rewards for your high-value and loyal customers through personalized incentives, events, and social media to drive promotion. Create a fun event for VIP or loyal customers, either online or in person. Offer incentives and make it a unique experience. Recognize how long your customer has been with you by sending anniversary campaigns with annual or semi-annual incentive rewards.

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